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Welcome to Spooky Records, a unique record label from Melbourne, Australia


Long Hours latest vinyl release Never Enough is out.
Check out the first single

Long Hours is ready to kick of their European Tour. 
You really need to check this guy out live.

Blowers are back with their latest 'Blown Again'
Pre-Order NOW  [Shipping 14/04/23]

The Velatine Album 'I Won't Be Civilised' is Out!!!

Velatine have a new remix and video out of No God.

Garry Gray [Sacred Cowboys] & Ed Clayton-Jones {The Wreckery] have collaborated to release an album "We Mainline Dreamers" It's now available here

aching, a new group / solo project from Steven Smith [Lost Talk
Limited edition on Purple / Black Splatter is now available here

Long Hours first vinyl release "Wayward Serenades" has been flying out the door, copies are on their way to the fantastic Beast Records in France so if you live in Europe track down a copy there. We're already planning another one. Stay tuned.


Working with our French friends Beast Records we're really happy to be involved with All the Way with Spencer P. Jones, a 23 track Tribute Album on Double Vinyl. Limited copies should be landing in Australia around the 15th November and we've already got a list for those interested in getting a copy. Just go to our Contact Page and register your interest and we'll be in touch. It's also available from Bandcamp as a digital download with all proceeds donated to "Support Act"

We're pleased to announce we're goting to be distributing the new Belle Phoenix & the Subterranean Sea album 'The Glorious Dead'  released by our friends Beast Records in Australia. We're expecting limited stock to arrive late May / Early June but hopefully sooner. Pre-Sales are up now.

Blowers are the latest signing to Spooky Records, check out their album, a rough and raw shot of garage punk from down under, BLOWERS’ self-titled debut album features a three-pronged vocal attack delivering songs themed around giving zero fucks. Out March 1st - Vinyl Pre-sales now available for the limited edition mint green. Shipping now

BBQ Haque debut record is out Dec 4th, Order now 

Velatine 'Store Atmospherics' and 'The Trap' both available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp

Shifting Sands  New album "Crystal Cuts" Out Now
The Braves   Will be in Perth, January. Europe March 2019.

The Braves   Have a clip of  "Side by Side" out from their new album 'Carry on the Con'

Lost Talk   Are our lastest signing. Their album Symbol/Signal is out now

The Braves   Have a clip of  'People' from their new album 'Carry on the Con'

The Braves  New album "All through Paradise" Out Now on CD, Bandcamp

Sun God Replica  New album "Grandular Fever" Out Now on Vinyl, CD, Bandcamp, iTunes

Harry Howard and the NDE  New album "Sleepless Girls" Out Now on CD, Bandcamp, iTunes. Vinyl Pre Orders avaliable


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